Everything is on the Internet, including dangerous people and cyber-bullies. Most teenagers have heard about the dangers of the Internet but they might underestimate the effects of bullying that happen in cyberspace.

For Teenagers

  • Don’t give out any important information about you, your family, or friends. This includes address, current location, age, school, names, credit cards, and phone numbers.
  • Predators and cyber-bullies will use personas to try and get information. Always be suspicious of pictures, names, profiles, and posts.
  • Remember that everything you do and post online is recorded forever. Nothing can be truly erased and anyone can access information that you put out.
  • If someone harasses you online, do not respond, take a screenshot of the content, walk away from the computer, tell your parents, and contact the website’s administrator or your internet provider.
  • Face-to-face meetings are only acceptable if the parents approve and go to the meeting.

For Guardians

  • Keep computers and tablets in public areas of the home and not in the teenager’s bedroom.

For Families