School is where a great deal of a teenager’s life is spent. Although school is dedicated to education there is plenty of in-between time that can lead to trouble if people aren’t aware or don’t feel comfortable to speak about issues.



For Teenagers

  • Whether it is towards you or someone else, take threats from other students seriously. Speak about the situation with your guidance counselor and your parents.
  • If you have trouble with other students remind yourself that a physical fight will make everything worse. Avoid these situations at all costs and talk to your parents, counselors, teachers, or any adult you trust to get tips on resolving the issue peacefully.
  • If you know that someone has brought a weapon to school report it immediately. Talk to a guidance counselor if you need to do it anonymously.
  • Be suspicious of anyone on school property that you don’t recognize. Trust your gut and immediately report any suspicious behavior to a teacher, principal, or other authority figure.
  • Be aware of sexual harassment, it can come in many forms: comments about a body, staring in offensive ways, or inappropriate touching. If you witness or experience any of this behavior report it immediately. If the perpetrator is an authority figure report the harassment to their boss, and if no one is listening to you call 911.
  • If something comes up that keeps you from going home after school, call your parents so they are updated, this is to avoid confusion and worry.
  • On the way home from school stay aware of your surroundings and don’t take shortcuts by yourself. If someone asks you for help find a friend before going assisting the stranger.

For Guardians

  • Encourage your teenager to talk about the kinds of classmates they encounter.
  • Educate your teenager on the different types of sexual harassment and how to get help.
  • The CDC provides school safety data and a four-step approach to address issues, like violence, in schools: define the problem, identify risk and protective factors, develop and test prevention strategies, and ensure widespread adoption.